Dropshipping Burgers Nationwide

December 22, 2020

I know, we order everything online these days, but what’s going on here? 

Ok, first things first…the who.

MrBeast.  If you didn’t already know, MrBeast is 22-year old Jimmy Donaldson, a YouTuber with over 48 million subscribers known for crazy and expensive stunts as well as his philanthropy.  His videos usually involve elaborate stunts and giving away lots of money. 

MrBeast Burger launches 300 restaurants nationwide at the same time
Now, the ‘say whaaat’ part of the story.  For this caper, he’s onto something entirely different.

This is what a YouTube influencer with 48 million followers, a delivery app and a ghost kitchen can do.  Wow.  Just wow.

MrBeast Burger killed it on launch – I mean, the last time we remember hearing about servers crashing at launch of a company because of so much demand was like the old days when Facebook launched.  Definitely a high class problem which got solved quickly by Jimmy.

Reaction on Twitter was somewhat mixed – some Twitter fans were all smiles and praise, and others had some complaints about missing items from their order, long and delayed delivery times and raw, uncooked food.  One user even said that the burger looked like a “dirty diaper.”

Genius marketing, weak operations and logistics.  One obvious problem of the entire concept is consistency of product across so many locations across the country.  A Big Mac is a Big Mac wherever you get it.  Different kitchens shotgunned together to produce a burger will not end up with anything close to consistent.  From the website page for restaurants, it looks like MrBeast is just offering add on menu items with his name slapped on it.

Timing of the launch.  Pretty much everybody loves a good burger, but is Late December the best timing for a launch of a restaurant based on delivery?  I mean, even Amazon can’t get packages to us as fast as usual during the holiday season. 

#1 downloaded app on App Store and Google Play.  Following the launch on December 19, the app was the number one downloaded app on both app stores.  It was also in the top 5 searches on Google, so fans definitely were paying attention to the launch.

The menu.  Burgers, chicken sandwiches and crinkle fries dominate the menu which was designed by Jimmy himself along with Eric Greenspan, a celebrity chef, grilled cheese master and owner of The Foundry in LA. 

Overall, the experiment seems to have been a success, and it looks like MrBeast isn’t going to stop with only 300 locations – he has plans to add even more restaurants to his burger empire.

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