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Guest lecture.  Marketing expert Max van den Ingh, formerly head of growth at MisterGreen and ShopPop, discusses his modern marketing strategies for startups in this article.

‘Brain real estate.’  Great substack on how Catherine Wood of the Ark Innovation ETFs leverage a content marketing strategy for maximum attention and returns.

Creator marketingNorby recently raised a $3.8M seed for its full-stack marketing platform for creators that bundles together SMS, newsletters, link in bio, events, link tracking, referrals and CRM.

Tao of Snoop Dogg.  NYT piece on how the rapper has remained focused on his core message while becoming more and more pervasive throughout media and popular culture.

Creative X factor.  Growth marketing requires unique creative content which is often the X factor, and like everything else in tech, testing it makes for a better end result.

5 tech trends for small business.  This article from Value Walk lays out tech trends within the reach of SMBs that can help them build their businesses.

Creator economy market map.  VC SignalFire’s helpful article and market map of the companies involved in the creator economy.

The Great Reshuffle.  One in four Americans now work for a different employer than the one they had before the pandemic. As a result, 26% of the people who switched jobs have received salary increases of 10% or more.


VC market boom.  Investment in U.S. startups for the first half of 2021 hit $150 billion, eclipsing full-year funding every year before 2020, according to a report from PitchBook.  Nontraditional venture investors such hedge funds, mutual funds, pensions and sovereign-wealth groups were more active in the second quarter than in any previous period.

SPACs adjust to changing market.  Changing market dynamics have led sponsors to overfund the trust — adding extra money on top of the gross proceeds they raise for the SPAC — and reduce the time to find a prospective target from the typical 18-24 months to 12-18 months.

Elon sides with Epic.  Referring to the ongoing monopoly battle between Epic Games and Apple, Elon Musk called App Store fees “a de facto global tax on the Internet.”

Space factories.   Varda Space Industries’ mission is “to build the first space factory – essentially the first industrial park on orbit,” per CEO and co-founder Will Bruey.  The startup was founded less than a year ago and has raised $50M.

Chip shortage reaches iPhone.  Tim Cook said supply constraints that have effected computers, cars, and other industries are finally going to reach iPhone production.

Don’t come back yet.  Google is delaying the opening of its offices to mid-October amid the surge in Covid-19 Delta variant cases.  The original target was after Labor Day.

NFTs on credit cards.  Shopify is letting eligible sellers put NFTs in their stores, opening up the sale of NFTs on credit cards versus blockchain wallets.

How we spend our time now.  The NYT has an interesting chart on how the pandemic changed the way we spend our time.


Billion-dollar NFT business.  OpenSea is one of the largest NFT marketplaces and benefited from the runup in NFTs.  It has now raised $100M at a $1B+ valuation from A16z, officially becoming the first NFT unicorn.

Widespread interest.  More than half of family offices have already invested or are interested in investing in crypto assets, per a survey by Goldman Sachs of its clients.

Argo IPO.  Argo Blockchain, a U.K. publicly traded company focused on crypto mining, filed for an IPO last week.

It’s a revolution.  British fintech firm Revolut raised $800 million from SoftBank and Tiger Global at a $33B valuation, 6X its $5.5B valuation last year.

Blockchain and the news.  Blockchain tech may help publishers increase trust and transparency.  Blockchain tech was not originally focused on cryptocurrencies as illustrated by a 1991 whitepaper entitled "How to Time-Stamp a Digital Document" by researchers Stuart Haber and W. Scott Stornetta.

Dink Doink.  Yes, for real.  Per Business Insider, this is a 'sh--coin' cryptocurrency that wants to change the world with memes and cartoons and is backed by YouTube personality Logan Paul.  


Hot vax summer that never was.  People were expecting a ‘resurgence’ in dating and relationships that hasn’t really panned out.

Free lunch.  Recently surveyed tech workers said they missed the free food and drink at the office the most.

Mind reader.  Researchers have created the NeuroSWARM, which is an injectable gold-plated nanosensor.  It would act like an antenna transmitting neural activity into optical signals that could be wirelessly sent to an external device.

Search for alien life. An  international team of scientists led by Harvard Professor Avi Loeb has launched the Galileo Project, a new search for evidence of technology built by alien civilizations.

Ancient viruses.  Genetic code for novel viruses were found in 15,000-year-old ice samples taken from China's Tibetan Plateau, attesting to the resiliency of viruses to survive in extreme conditions.

Flying motorcycle.  California's Jetpack Aviation has completed flight testing on its first prototype of the Speeder, a jet turbine-powered flying motorcycle.

Stargazing roadtrip.  Check out this article to plan a stargazing-themed roadtrip with destinations near your city.

Robot making pizza.  It’s summer and the weekend is almost here, so go ahead and check out this video of a robot making pizza in Paris.

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