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Crimson money.  Harvard’s endowment logged spectacular gains of 33.6% and now stands at $53.2B.  

How Coinbase makes decisions.  They use an approach called Problem/ Proposed Solutions and RAPIDsas the main tools to break through tough decisions and land on good resolutions, according to a company blog post.

How to land a new gig.  This WSJ article lays out how some professionals took a career break and then turned it around with a new and improved job.

Tough personalityHow your Myers-Briggs personality type affects your income.

Crypto twitter rundown.  This article from Decrypt gives a rundown of the week’s rants including Steam banning NFTs and viral tungsten cubes

All in the family.  Family offices did 4.2% of the roughly 23,000 venture capital deals worldwide this year through August 31 which is more than 2X more than the proportion of deals done by family offices a decade ago.  Total capital was $418B this year as of the end of August, compared to the then record $333 billion for all of 2020.

Bread lines.  Stores seem to be running short of everything as the global supply chain cannot respond to the new level of demand.

The fixer.  The Manhattan law firm Teitler & Teitler handles divorces for most Goldman Sachs partners as well as a smattering of other bigwigs and celebrities.


Big Ps.  PayPal is reportedly exploring a exploring a $45B acquisition of Pinterest, which would make it the biggest technology deal of the year.

Bitcoin Miner IPO.  Stronghold Digital Mining was up as much as 68% in its IPO debut.  It generates most of its electricity for bitcoin mining from coal refuse sites in Pennsylvania, so it is an environmentally-friendly bitcoin miner.

What’s in a name?  Facebook is considering a name change.  People are speculating wildly on its reasons for doing so, but the likely answer is boring – it’s good PR.

Apple is late.  Despite surging demand for its new gadgets, the supply of the devices is the worst it’s been in many years as customers have to suffer long delays to get what they want.

Elon Musk on top again.  Elon rode the wave of Tesla’s stock gains and added $60B to his net worth, surpassing Jeff Bezos to become the world’s richest person.  He said that he now had enough money “to extend life to Mars.”

Tech army.  Facebook announced that it is hiring 10,000 people in Europe to help build Mark Zuckerberg's 'metaverse.'

Agrivoltaics.  The new scientific field of agrivoltaics involves growing crops under solar panels in the most advantageous ways to increase yields and reduce water use.

New Macbooks.  The early reports are that Apple listened to all the complaints from users about their laptops, and – designed a laptop that looks like a pre-2016 Macbook Pro, just with their own chips this time. 


Solana high.  Solana, an Ethereum competitor, hit a record of $12.7B in Total Value Locked (TVL) in all of the DeFi projects on the protocol.

Pharma Bro to PleasrDAO.  PleasrDAO announced in a blog post that it had purchased Wu-Tang Clan's one-of-a-kind 2015 album, Once Upon a Time in Shaolin, formerly owned by Martin Shkreli.

Pimco getting into crypto.   Pimco, the $2 trillion investment firm, may soon begin trading spot cryptocurrencies per the firm's chief investment officer Daniel Ivascyn.

VanEck is second.  VanEck will likely follow ProShares as the second issuer to list a bitcoin ETF with its Bitcoin Strategy ETF on Cboe BZX Exchange.

Modern art house.  Concept Art House, a San Francisco-based content developer and publisher for NFTs and video game art, raised $25M in Series A funding led by Dapper Labs.

Crypto leader.  Europe is now the largest crypto economy with over $1T in transactions per Chainalysis.

Oopsie.  Visionrare, a platform that let users bid on auctions of NFT shares of real startup companies shut down24 hours after launching an open beta, citing that “we underestimated the legal complexities.”

Brazilian props.  Brazil is likely to make the virtual currency legal tender.


Bottles of beer.  Elon Musk plans to sell beer in a Cybertruck-inspired bottle.

Brain food.  A Harvard nutritionist and brain expert shares 5 foods to sharpen her memory and focus: dark chocolate, berries, turmeric, leafy greens and kefir.

Electric moves.  Foxconn, the Taiwanese electronics giant best known for manufacturing iPhones is getting into the electric car business.

Nerd alert.  FYI, Dune will be streaming one day earlier than its theatrical release ­– it’s on HBO Max tonight. 

Strange signal.  Astronomers discovered unusual signals emanating from the center of the galaxy. These signals are unlike any known radio source signals and could suggest a new class of stellar object.

Airless tires.  Michelin is working on an airless tire system called Michelin Uptis, or Unique Puncture-proof Tire System which will come out in 2024.

Vlog storytelling.  FourFront is a media startup that wants to popularize this old format using a collection of individual actors performing scripted short-form serialized stories made for TikTok.

Death of a mascot.  This article in Vice explores what happened to the once ubiquitous Ronald McDonald.

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