Wrkfrce is Rewriting the Remote Work Content Landscape

December 17, 2020

We had the opportunity recently to speak with Jesse Chambers, the founder and CEO of, a company that delivers impactful information about the remote work landscape.  Sure, remote work is in the news a lot, but Jesse’s and his company’s mission is to provide real information about remote work to the actual players in the game – the remote workers and the companies that want their employees to work remotely.

The company recently launched to some fanfare with a story in TechCrunch.  The site offers targeted content on remote work, a thriving job board on remote work opportunities and tailor-made consulting services to companies looking to deploy remote work strategies.

Actionable information at  We spent some time around the site at and saw a common thread.  The articles are not run of the mill clickbait pieces that are vying for eyeballs.  They are the sort of long form articles that you come away from with some actionable information about the remote work landscape.  That’s rare in today’s crowded media market.  In fact, it’s the type of perspective that everybody talks about but few deliver.

Founded before pandemic to outlast the pandemic.  Targeted media aimed at a particular niche has been historically been a successful strategy and here, the niche is expanding and not going away anytime soon. Also, it’s interesting to note that wrkfrce was conceived prior to the pandemic and doesn’t stress the pandemic as the reason for remote work’s surging interest. 

Living the lifestyle himself.  The founder has passion for the messaging, so much so that he’s living the lifestyle of the digital nomad/remote worker himself.  A San Francisco native for two decades, he has become a digital nomad and works full-time from an Airstream which he says “has allowed me to truly walk a mile in the shoes of the wrkfrce audience.”

Monetization strategies
Jesse explained that “always-on solutions including our job board and affiliate revenue from things like product reviews, but the thing that I'm most excited about right now is our video platform. At launch, wrkfrce's content was entirely text-based, but we're launching a video platform based on a content co-creation model, so we're starting to speak with some of the brands who build the tools that power remote work about bringing that to life.”

He wants to be able to deliver value both to partners and the audience by creating high-quality, original video content that helps people design their careers around their lives - not vice versa. 

We think that there’s a lot to gain from the site as well as watching the company’s efforts in hitting its milestones.

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