Facebook Launches Collab Music App

December 15, 2020

Facebook publicly launched a collaborative music video creation app, cleverly called Collab.  The app had been in private beta testing since May and is now available on the App Store.

What’s the app do?
The app has a feed of “collabs” which are three videos combined, or stacked together, that play at the same time.  Each one is up to 15 seconds and plays on a loop.  You can swipe left or right on each row of the collab to add a new video of your own.  The app takes care of syncing the videos you add, or you can create a new one of your own to add to the feed.

Some cool stuff.  The cool thing is the ability to interact and create with real musician’s content – you can mix other people’s videos together and don’t need to be a musician yourself.

The app isn’t integrated with Facebook yet, but you can export your creations to your Instagram story. 

Or just another clone?  Is this just another example of a big social media company creating features that another big social media company already has?  Possibly, because Collab looks a lot like Stitch and Duets on TikTok, Instagram’s Reels or Snap’s Spotlight, but let’s see how users react.

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