Apple 2 by Steve Wozniak

December 8, 2020

No, we’re not talking about the machine that Woz invented to usher in the home computer revolution back in the late 1970s.

This article is about Steve Wozniak’s starting his 2nd company after he co-founded Apple with Steve Jobs in 1976.  Yes, 45 years later, Woz has launched Efforce, a greentech and blockchain company.

It’s all about the environment, kids
Wozniak explained that he created Efforce “to be the first decentralized platform that allows everyone to participate and benefit financially from worldwide energy efficiency projects, and create meaningful environmental change.”

He’s got a new company and a new coin
According to a Medium post about the company:

  • WOZX, the company’s cryptocurrency token was made public on the HBTC marketplace on Dec. 3
  • The token will launch on Bithumb Global next week.

“In these difficult times, many small companies are struggling. They can’t afford to switch to LED lighting, streamline production processes, or even insulate to conserve heat, all of which could save them money in the long term,” Jacopo Visetti, the co-founder of Efforce said.

We’ll keep tabs on Efforce and the WOZX token for you, dear readers. 

The startup world is changing, probably for the better.  Once upon a time, you had to be in your 20s and in San Francisco to be taken seriously as a startup.  Now, the new world normal is definitely outside of just San Fran, and with Woz in the headlines again, it’s a testament that experienced founders can kick ass just as well as the younger ones.

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