Beyond Meat Met the Tofu Challenge with a Loud Oink

November 24, 2020

This is a short story about fake meat, an ancient vegan dish and pigs.  Sound interesting? 

The world’s biggest meat market is China and Beyond Meat wants a big bite of it.  The problem is it’s hard to peddle a meat substitute to people that have been eating another meat substitute, tofu, for literally thousands of years.

And beyond that (sorry, had to do it), the Chinese like pork way more than they like beef when they have a hankering for a meaty meal. 

So, what’s the big strategy of Beyond Meat Inc., the U.S. maker of plant-based burgers and sausages? Well, they announced a new product designed to crack China… imitation ground pork.

Did you hear fanfare and claps?  Well, we leave that to you.  China is a country that has had vegans and tofu for a long, long time but people like change too, so let’s see if Beyond Meat’s new entrée can stick.  It will be challenging unless the supply of pigs somehow dwindles, which really hasn’t happened in China yet.

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