Nuro is Coming Soon to Deliver Near You

November 10, 2020

This little delivery vehicle has become the monster in the autonomous delivery space with a newly minted $5 billion valuation on the back of their recent $500 million financing.

Hey, check out these rounds:

June 2016:  company founded by former Google engineers Dave Ferguson and Jiajun Zhu.

June 2017:  $92 million

February 2019:  $940 million, Softbank Vision Fund ($2.7B valuation at this point)

Now:  $500 million (valuation basically doubled to $5B)

Don’t expect it in 30 minutes or less

This isn’t the 1970s and this is not Domino’s Pizza.  Nuro has always been focused on low speed, electric vehicles to deliver packages.  The newest vehicle, pictured above, is called the R2 and received an exemption earlier this year to operate as a driverless vehicle.  It is testing and operating the R2 on public roads in Arizona, California and Texas.

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