Meal Kits That Foster Corporate Culture

Assembly is upping the game on corporate team building around food and drink.

The Austin-based company is offering what it bills as virtual dining and drink experiences for remote teams that are proferred up by the company’s chef and culinary expert.

They send out chef and mixologist curated meal and drink kits to their corporate customers that seek to enhance the connections over shared meals.  The concept is sound given the new landscape of fully remote and hybrid workplace models.  It’s hard to create a sense of community in these settings, and Assembly helps with that.

Vishal Lugani from Acrew Capital:  "Food brings people together. This is something employers have known and yet in today's hybrid work environment, it's hard to convene for even a snack with co-workers. Assembly makes it really easy for companies to connect virtually over food and drink and is brought to you by a world-class food and engineering team to make it all work. Employers recognize that Assembly is the work cafeteria of the future and we can't wait to see what else they come up with. This business model just makes sense and no one is doing it better than Assembly."

$1.75M in seed funding:  co-led by Wilshire Lane Partners and Acrew Capital.

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