The Marketplace for 5-minute Phone Calls

Bud Fox believed that life came down to a few moments in a famous scene from Wall Street.  Well, apparently now there is an app for that.

Anyone is an audio-only app that’s building a marketplace for five-minute phone calls for advice seekers.  Just in case it’s not clear, this app is dealing in phone calls only – no video allowed.

The premise.  CEO and co-founder David Orlic thinks that advice is best when its verbal, concise, and one-on-one, and that video is distracting (ok, no argument here).  Text is too time consuming and prone for misunderstanding, so the 5-minute advice phone call was born.  And these guys are serious about the 5 minutes—the app literally will cut off the call at the 5-minute mark with no exceptions.

Put your money where your mouth is.  Anyone has raised around $4 million in total to date including a $3.6Mseed round led by Berlin-based Cavalry Ventures.

Ok, how much?  Pricing for a call is set by Anyone users and can range from free to $500 (um, what?!).  That seems a bit high, but we couldn’t dig up any information about average prices which are likely much lower.

Anyone’s CEO says “It’s not about taking long-form meetings and compressing them — it’s about taking those conversations that would never have happened … and making them happen.”

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