StoryFile is Giving William Shatner a Taste of Immortality

March 30, 2021

Hey did you hear?  William Shatner, yes Captain Kirk and pitchman extraordinaire (remember Priceline), is celebrating his 90th birthday.

And he is doing it Captain Kirk-style, going where no one has gone before by recording over 45 hours of video footage to create a AI-powered doppleganger that will outlast even him.

Say what?
StoryFile is a Los Angeles-based company and the creator of Conversa, the company’s AI platform, which is a mobile native conversational video technology that literally brings a person to life via video tech along with AI which powers the conversational Q&A.

AI and volumetric video tech
This technology is patented and is called the “Artificially Intelligent Interactive Memories System” on Conversa, which definitely sounds like a catchy title.  Along with the natural language processing, it can be used with VR/AR and 3D platforms thanks to volumetric video processing.

  • Heather Maio-Smith, co-founder and CEO of StoryFile, explained "generations in the future will be able to have a conversation with him. Not an avatar, not a deep fake, but with the real William Shatner answering their questions about his life and work.”

Kinda like the scene in Superman…
This tech reminds us of the holographic video of Jor-El (Superman’s dad) that Superman talks to in the Fortress of Solitude in the movie Superman.  And here we are, but it’s Captain Kirk and not Marlan Brando.

“Your authentic self for all time.  The future is now”
These are the last lines of Shatner’s pitch for StoryFile in the video on the homepage of their website. 

It is cool and compelling technology, but it makes us wonder if Shatner is pitching himself and his legacy or StoryFile.  Either way, this one-of-a-kind personality will live on through StoryFile’s AI-powered video.

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