CoScreen Promises a New Breed of Screen Sharing Tech

March 30, 2021

CoScreen is developing a new kind of screen sharing technology and has exited stealth mode with a product launch and $4.6M in financing.

The funding comes from institutional and angel investors including Unusual Ventures, GitHub CTO Jason Warner, Google subsidiary Kaggle’s CEO Anthony Goldbloom, and former Mozilla CEO and VC John Lilly.  The company is fairly new as it was only founded in April 2020 – but it’s come a long way, launching its “deep collaboration” platform for engineering teams with features like next-gen screen sharing, editing, and communication.

The product
CoScreen lets you share and edit specific app windows simultaneously on a joint workspace.  That way, you don’t have to share your entire screen and risk an embarrassing reveal of, well, you can fill in the blank.  Even text messages that pop up on your screen won’t be on display for all to see.  Pretty cool.

It combines the attempt at real-time collaboration which is Google Docs with classic screen sharing tech from Zoom and others.  If they can get the real-time sharing done right, the technology could achieve significant growth and adoption rates. 

The collaboration industry
Remote work has spawned “collaboration” as a key theme since the pandemic as remote teams figure out the ost efficient ways to work together.  Zoom is prevalent nbut far from the perfect solution to the problem. 

Software is trying to come to the rescue with tools like:

CoScreen cofounder and CEO Till Pieper commented:

  • “To our knowledge, there is no other product that enables multiple team members to share applications at the same time and to control them at the same time. The recent hype around video chat is missing the point for what remote teams actually need and is over-indexing on talking about work and under-indexing on the need for a shared interactive context. Remote teams don’t require fancier ways to communicate with each other or to understand what everyone else is up to — they actually require a much better way to get things done together.”

It’s also worth noting that Unusual Ventures is a prolific and well-regarded VC firm that has numerous wins under its belt including an early investment in Robinhood.

CoScreen has Early traction with enterprise engineering teams from Slack, Okta, Salesforce, and SAP.  But these folks are not actually customers yet, since the product remains until May.

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