Clubmarket Beats Clubhouse at Its Own Game

March 23, 2021

That didn’t take long.

There’s a lot of buzz at Clubhouse, but no way for anyone to make any money.  Clubhouse doesn’t charge users’ fees or have ads 

User growth at Clubhouse but no $$$
Clubhouse has around 12.7 million downloads so far; 1.3 million of them have happened just since March 1, according to App Annie estimates.

That’s all set to change with a newly minted startup called Clubmarket which is building the first marketplace to connect creators with brands on Clubhouse, per an article in Venture Beat.  

What’s Clubmarket?
The company actually got its start…in a Clubhouse session. 

The session was being run by Ryan Hoover, the founder of Product Hunt, who bemoaned that there were no Clubhouse-related services being launched on Product Hunt and that there would likely be a sponsorship marketplace coming soon.

One of the listeners in that room was a serial tech founder named Tomer Dean who previously launched a two-sided marketplace.  He and his co-founders Peleg Aran and Nimrod Kram got cracking and got Clubmarket off the ground in a few of weeks.  It’s in development stage now but has a Typeform to collect brands and creators that want to join the platform.  Onboarding initial users is slated for the upcoming weeks.

The marketplace
Clubmarket is the first marketplace working with Clubhouse creators and brands that is planning to offer:

  • Room branding — existing rooms with niche topics “Sponsored by X”;

  • Shoutouts — Rooms discussing broad solutions will have sponsored products in the discussion; and

  • Thought Leadership — Interviews with leading authorities like Elon Musk’s Clubhouse interview that drew record listeners.

Creators set their own rates, but Clubmarket’ estimation tool indicates that a tech-related Clubhouse room with 500 listeners will be able to charge up to $1,000 to $2,000 for a co-branded sponsorship. No word on the “drop-in audio” pricing because that market is still new and wide open.

Clubhouse accelerator.  Clubhouse announced its first accelerator program for 20 creators to work with brand sponsors, but like the app itself, the program is not yet available to the general public. 

The fast growing startup is in 2nd place for monetizing its own app by another fast moving startup.

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