NFTs and the Social Web

March 16, 2021

The recent craze about NFTs looks like it is here to stay and is also moving beyond the realm of digital art. 

A company called Valuables is the platform that is selling Jack Dorsey’s first tweet and is currently a dedicated NFT marketplace for selling tweets.  We wrote about the company last week – the article is here.  Valuables is a good example of how NFTs are expanding beyond just digital art into the social web.

Per an article in Wired, purchasing an NFT can be another way for creators in general, not just digital artists, to monetize their work.  Minting an NFT may be a blockchain-powered alternative to platforms like Patreon or Tipeee which are built upon fans supporting their favorite creators with donations.

Expansion of NFTs into writing
Software engineer and writer John Palmer created an NFT out of an essay that he hasn’t written yet and sold it for 9.9 ETH (~$18,000) on NFT marketplace Zora.

  • “It offers a path to being paid for a one-off work that's not part of a subscription or newsletter. It offers a way to monetize work that remains a public good, without a paywall,” Palmer explained.

Mirror is another company that has recently arisen as a platform designed for writers to sell their work as NFTs.  A former journalist who now works in crypto described Mirror as “a mashup between tokenized Medium, Patreon, and Kickstarter.”

It’s a brave new world for creators of all types in NFT land.

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