Fohr is Changing Influencer Marketing

March 4, 2021

Fohr is an influencer marketing company that has launched a new platform called the Ambassador Management Platform (AMP) which connects brands with social media influencers, per a recent NY Times article.

  • “We’ve created a simple way for brands to create what is essentially a careers page for influencers…It allows people to apply, pull in data from their social platforms and gives brands an easy way to recruit, analyze and work with influencers.” ­– Fohr’s founder and CEO James Nord.

Brand adoption.  Over 50 brands, including Dyson, Costco, American Eagle, Lilly Pulitzer and Sephora, are using AMP to connect with social media talent – the platform currently has a database of around 100,000+ influencers, according to the company’s website.

Career page for influencers.  Basically, Fohr gets paid for setting up a webpage for brands that is like a careers page but just for securing social media influencers.  And the influencers apparently like the centralized, standardized approach that Fohr offers them, so much so that 100,000+ have signed onto AMP.  Instead of sending DMs to brands, influencers can apply to a company on AMP.

It’s not who you know anymore
“The industry now is way too dependent on relationships.  You get jobs because you know somebody who works for a brand. That’s not a fair way to organize the industry. By brands starting these pages and having centralized places for influencers to apply, it’s going to make it a lot more fair for anyone with a following to raise their hand and say I want to work with you,” per CEO Nord.

Wait, there’s more.  Another company with a winning name for their blog:  Fohrcast.  But it’s not just a great name – it has really useful content to boot.

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