Epic Games Releases a Digital Human Factory

February 16, 2021

Epic Games, the folks that brought you Fortnite just keep on innovating.  Their newest creation?

The MetaHuman Creator
This software tool makes it easier for developers to create very convincing digital humans for video games, or even virtual training programs.

Speed and scale
The tool speeds up the creation of digital human characters and allows for easy scaling and variety.  Accordingto Epic’s CTO, Kim Libreri:

  • “MetaHuman Creator enables creators to make high-quality digital humans with ease and drop them into Unreal Engine ready to animate with over half a dozen different solutions,” said Epic Games chief technology officer Kim Libreri in an email to GamesBeat. “The tool compresses the weeks or months of work it usually takes to create a photorealistic character into minutes or however long you wish to put into customizing the exact character you want.”

Cloud-based tech tool
MetaHuman Creator runs in the cloud via Epic’s Unreal Engine with a technology called Unreal Engine Pixel Streaming: 

  • “MetaHuman Creator is a cloud-based tool that uses Unreal Engine Pixel Streaming so that users can access a vast library of content, customize characters, process data, and export assets with minimal local computing power,” Libreri continued. “MetaHuman characters run smoothly on PC and console, and we are optimizing the mobile experience.”

Pixel perfect
The digital humans are realistic and very detailed – down to the hair, literally.  The Creator uses a “strand based hair component via the Groom system” to accomplish this pixel perfect detail.  But, seeing is believing, so we have included links to some videos so you can check it out for yourself: 

Helpful links:

Intro to MetaHuman Creator:

Meet ‘Sample’ MetaHumans:

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