Virtual Science Labs Coming to a School Near You

February 11, 2021

School’s out, kids are home.  Man, it’s tough keeping them busy, and we are all keeping our fingers crossed that they are actually learning something during these tough times.

But STEM is key and you definitely can’t bring the science lab home.  Or can you?

Enter Labster, a Copenhagen-based edtech firm that is bringing virtual STEM lab simulations to schools.

BTW, they have the best named blog we’ve seen in a while…it’s called…wait for it…The Labster Report.  And it doesn’t hurt that they just secured a $60M Series C led by Andreessen Horowitz.

Pandemic fueled hypergrowth.  Another one of the companies benefitting from the situation created by the pandemic, Labster signed a deal with the whole California Community College Network last April to bring its simulations to its over 2.1 million students.  Labster currently has more than 2,000 colleges, universities and high schools on its platform.

Big ambitions.  Andreessen also thinks the company has massive scale potential and wants to expand its footprint into Asia, Latin America and Africa.

Immersive learning.  The long range goal is to move away from being merely a content play to a fully immersive learning platform that is customizable to any user’s specs.  Pre-determined learning tracks are one thing – build your own approaches like a Minecraft or Roblox game are where it’s at these days.

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