Bot MD and Upkey

February 4, 2021

Bot MD, smartphone-based AI assistant for doctors
The pandemic has made saving even a few minutes of doctors’ time critical for patient care.  Along those lines, Bot MD lets doctors look up important information from their smartphones, instead of having to get the info from a hospital operator or access its intranet.

Bot MD was co-founded by CEO Dorothea Koh and is currently used by about 13,000 doctors in Singapore. 

The startup announced it has raised a $5 million Series A led by Monk’s Hill Ventures and will use the funds for expansion into Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Upkey, free online career preparation tools
Chicago-based Upkey provides high school and college students free online tools to help them build practical skills and find jobs offers.  These tools range from resume-building, pitch development and interview prep, to virtual classes and internships at leading universities and companies.

They also have built Dashboard, a customized career map keyed to an individual student. The Dashboard features interactive, gamified modules that allow students to earn ranks and badges.  A virtual summer internship program is also in the works with an 8-week master class for projects with college credits available.  Notably, 70% of Upkey users are minority and first-generation students and Upkey raised $2.6m in seed funding led by S3 Ventures.

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