Club Feast is Delivering Affordability, Sustainability and Simplicity to Your Doorstep

February 2, 2021

Who doesn’t like ordering in food, especially nowadays?  But the problem for many has been one of cost and affordability.  The Club Feast solution to that problem is pretty unique – you get food delivered from local restaurants at the attractive price of $5.99 per entrée.

What the company is doing behind the scenes to make that possible is innovative, yet also simple. 

The Scroll caught up with the CEO of Club Feast, Atallah Atallah who previously co-founded restaurant rewards company Seated.

He told us that the company works hand in hand with its restaurant partners to select or develop a few meals that they can offer at the $5.99 price.  This is meant to ensure quality control of the meal for its customers as much as to make it worthwhile for the restaurant and not a loss leader.

This is not on-demand delivery
The way it works for the diners is that they buy credits (no minimum) on the Club Feast web app and have to place their orders at least 24 hours in advance.  So, this is not the typical on-demand meal order service. 

Of course, the natural advantage of such lead time is that a restaurant can plan for these orders and also their delivery.  Atallah told The Scroll that the number of miles driven per order is about half of the industry standard because of such pre-planning.  No need for sophisticated algorithms or technological juggling to meet surges in demand.  It’s all known way ahead of time.

San Francisco now, NYC coming soon
They currently deliver in San Francisco and San Mateo and work with restaurants including The Halal Guys, Kasa Indian Eatery, HRD and Kitava. The plan now is to expand further in SF and enter the NYC market soon. 

Club Feast uses referral bonuses to attract more customers and is also working on building a mobile app – it’s available as a website app for now.

Club Feast raised $3.5 million in seed funding led by General Catalyst.

CEO is focused on sustainability and affordable meals
Attallah emphasized that it’s his belief that technology needs to make things more accessible as a general theme, and he is working on making that a reality at Club Feast.  He noted that making a good meal affordable was high on the company’s priority list.  Also, reducing the miles per delivery was an achievement in sustainability that he and his team are proud of as they continue their growth trajectory.

Supporting local businesses
It’s also notable that the company’s business model supports local businesses in terms of helping them sell more units and get discovered by customers easier.  Atallah told us, “supporting your local businesses today is critical for their survival. An extra $100/day in sales for a local business might make the difference in staying in business or not.”

The eatin’s good and the feeling is good.  That’s comfort food with a side of heartwarming, a win-win.

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