A Hotel in Space

February 2, 2021

Just when you thought you’ve seen and heard it all comes this.  A team of NASA luminaries announced plansto build a hotel in low-Earth orbit.

The company is called Orbital Assembly Corporation and launched its plans on a live streaming event called “First Assembly” on its YouTube Channel.

2001: A Space Odyssey anyone?
The company plans to build a ring-shaped 650 foot diameter Voyager Space Station capable of creating moon-levels of artificial gravity.  This is similar to the so-called von Braun concept for space stations in which a wheel-shaped habitat spins with enough velocity to generate its own artificial gravity.  Think 2001: A Space Odyssey, or for James Bond fans, the old flick Moonraker.

NASA veterans with galactic-size plans
The company’s CEO John Blincow thinks that construction in space “will be the next industrial revolution."  And in a way, Elon Musk is to thank for making this possible since getting to space in the first place has been a costly endeavor at around $8,000 per kg, “but with the Falcon 9, you can do it for less than $2,000” according to Blincow.

How much for a room?  Hmm, that’s hard to say at the moment, but probably safe to assume that the price will be astronomical.

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