OfNote and EarlyBird

January 14, 2021

Of Note, an influencer coworking space and content studio
Nashville-based Of Note is betting that the craze for ‘creator houses’ happening in Los Angeles can be replicated for micro and mid-tier influencers outside of LA.  Katy Shah and India Mayer launched the company which is a professionally designed space for influencers to work in and create content.

It’s early days, but the company already has customers; Of Note charges a $75/month or $25/day for members to work at the house, film in its Instagram-ready rooms, and use its production tools like a podcast studio, according to an article in Business Insider.

EarlyBird, social and gifting ready custodial bank accounts for kids.
Uniform Gift to Minors Act, or UGMA accounts let parents set up custodial accounts for their kids to invest in stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other securities on behalf of the minor child.  And when the kid grows up, they get the account.

EarlyBird makes the process of setting up these accounts seamless with its app and adds two cool features, per an article in TechCrunch:

  • Gifting made easy. Invite other family members and close friends to gift via the app.
  • The gift giver can record a short video along with the gift that can be viewed by the child as well as shared socially and on the app.

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