Amazon Go, To Go and Hudson NonStop

January 14, 2021

Amazon Go is not only a type of Amazon store but also a technology for sale. 

Just Walk Out
It’s amusingly called ‘Just Walk Out’ technology, and it’s literally a grab-and-go, full-service solution for retailers that want to implement the Amazon Go style shopping experience in their own stores.

You can ‘check out’ the technology for yourself – it’s got a dedicated webpage at

Hudson signed up with Amazon to use the tech
Hudson is the ubiquitous retailer in airports and commuter hubs like Grand Central Station in NYC that sells convenience items to busy travelers and has over 1,000 locations in North America. 

The first store rolling out the concept will be set to open by March at Dallas Love Field Airport, according to a press release issued by the company.

A spokesperson for Hudson said: “By seamlessly entering the store with a quick scan of their credit card, grabbing the items they’re looking for and then exiting, purchases can be made almost instantaneously.”  Duh, thank you for that clarification.  It’s so easy, you don’t need to even explain it.  That’s the power of Amazon tech, people.

No reduction in headcount.  Hudson said that the existing staff will transition from checkout to customer service as well as sanitizing high traffic areas.  Hudson’s chief operating officer Brian Quinn said “Just Walk Out technology brings a convenient shopping experience at a time when health and safety is paramount. We’re (also) preparing ourselves for the retail evolution of the future—digital is the new retail frontier.”

Hudson plans to rollout more Hudson Nonstops nationwide provided the initial Dallas rollout goes well.

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