Shotcall is Making Calls

October 29, 2020

Judging from the pic which has album cover status, these guys could come off as the next Chain Smokers as much as the next hot startup. 

Communities for gamers
They started a company called Shotcall, “platform designed to connect content creators with their fans through video games.” The platform lets you play games with your favorite creators and streamers.

Shotcall raised $2.2 million in a seed round to develop communities for gamers with investors including Initial Capital, New Stack and Lerer Hippeau.

Better than AOC on Twitch
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made headlines recently when over 400,000 fans tuned in to watch her play Among Us, a massively popular online mystery game.

What Shotcall does is take this one step further.  Twitch viewers can only have so much interaction with the stream such as gifting a subscription to the channel or cheering with Bits, Twitch’s virtual currency.

Shotcall lets streamers set up a tournament, coaching session, Q&A session or any kind of event they like.  And most importantly, it sets up a way for fans to pay to get in on the action.  Shotcall organizes the event and lets the content creator control the length of each gaming session, how much it costs to join and what fans can do on the session.

Social gaming is a BFD

The pandemic has taken social gaming to even greater heights than before:

  • Roblox had 150mm monthly active users (MAUs) in July
  • Minecraft had 131mm MAUs in October
  • Nintendo sold over 22mm copies of Animal Crossing
  • Fortnite now has 350mm registered users
  • Among Us has more than 100mm downloads; and about 4m players at once at peak

Shotcall has around 350 active hosts and more than 4,500 fans have been active on the platform in the past two months.

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