Instagram and TikTok Plant the Seed for Linktree

October 27, 2020

This is an yet another example that business opportunities emerge from the most unexpected places.  Instagram and TikTok don’t let you post links in posts.  You can only post a link in your profile.  So, the “link in bio” is all you get.

Guess what?  That has spawned nimble startups like Linktree, Cardd and  These companies provide a “micro-website” service for the folks on Instagram and TikTok that need a place on the web to do things like link to a video, products for sale or an advertising sponsor. 

What is a micro-website?
The micro-website is basically a simple website with a bunch of links for people that don’t need a full-blown website from companies like Square or Wix.

Who’s using these things?
But now, it’s more than influencers using these platforms.  Since March, the pandemic has led to millions of people needing an easy way to market themselves.  Activists and protesters also have used these startups’ products to shout out about resources for their movements or causes.

Linktree financing
Linktree has now raised $10.7 million to expand its offering.  It currently has 8 million users with a collective 1 billion visitors for those users’ profiles in September alone.  Linktree is free to use but is rolling out a paid version with additional features.

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