Manticore Games is the R-Rated Version of Roblox

October 15, 2020

As promised in our last issue, we are covering another gaming platform like Roblox.


It’s called Manticore, a gaming startup that is being called the Roblox for Adults.  Hey, Daddy needs his lego too. 


Core technology
Manticore has software called Core that lets users quickly build high-res multiplayer games.  Core is a “digital playground and community designed to unleash imagination and explore new play experiences.”


Epic’s got their back
The company already had a big wad of cash before the recent funding they did in September 2020 for $15 million.  The $15 million round was led by Epic Games.  Yes, that Epic Games, the maker of Fortnite.  In fact, it’s the first outside investment that Epic Games has made which is awesome validation of the Core technology platform built by Manticore.


A cutting-edge startup founded by adults
CEO Frederic Decamps says “It’s a new type of platform where you have players congregating to create worlds together, to create a new form of entertainment.”


He should know.  He studied the video game industry while getting his Stanford MBA in the 2000s.  He founded a gaming studio with Manticore co-founder Jordan Maynard which created a game called “A Bit Lucky” which they sold to Zynga.  They worked at Zynga and then left to start Manticore in 2016.


Dungeons & Dragons
They spent years building Core which became available for creators in June 2019.  They also scored a tie up with Hasbro’s Dungeons & Dragons.  Together, they launched a contest to create a Dungeons % Dragons adventure in Core.  The most popular was a game called “Forgotten Cisterns”, a dungeon crawler that evokes the old 1980s classic Dragon’s Lair arcade game.


And in case you were wondering, the manticore is a mythical beast with the head of a man, the body of a lion and the tail of a scorpion. 

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