Landscape, the Glassdoor for Venture Capital Firms Launches

October 15, 2020

This sounds like an old story, but actually there’s some cool stuff happening with Landscape.


Landscape is a site like Glassdoor that lets users anonymously review venture capital investors and accelerators.  It’s focusing on the UK and European VC scene for now with plans to expand into the U.S. later.


Founders unite!
For startup founders, this site is like the labor union protecting the worker from the all-powerful company.  This concept of VC reviews is not new.  A site called TheFunded tried it in 2007 and didn’t really go anywhere. 


The timing probably wasn’t right back then.  Landscape’s founder Joe Perkins says “the ecosystem has matured to a point where something like Landscape can exist.”


Building in public
Echoing the mission of the company, Joe Perkins is documenting his journey in building Landscape.  On the company’s blog, Joe is writing about the “technical side” of how he is building the company.  What’s interesting is that although he is a computer science grad, he built Landscape with no code tools like Webflow and Typeform. 


So far, Landscape has 700 reviews and 83 verified reviewers on the platform which it gained during its beta. 


A good start and an uphill climb against a powerful industry that doesn’t like dirty laundry. 

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