Virtual Movie Theater Company Scener Raises $2.1 Million to Help You “Go” to the Movies

October 13, 2020

Don’t know about you, but we miss going to the movies.


The obvious nostalgia is about the smell of popcorn and grabbing a cup of soda so big you need both hands.  But there is also the fun of watching something together with other people that you just don’t get glued to your own couch.


Well, there’s a super cool new company trying to help us out with that.  Scener is a virtual movie theater company that lets you “host watch parties across the major streaming services” and connect with like-minded TV and movie fans.


Hey, wanna go to the movies with one million of your friends?
They are fresh off a financing of $2.1 million and are looking to expand their co-viewing technology to get into the online event space.  They want to be able to support up to 1 million concurrent viewers so they can expand into virtual concerts and other online events.


Fast growth
The company was founded in 2018 and has experienced hyper growth.  According to Joe Briarwood, Scener’s COO, it has seen a 100X increase in engagement since March with users logging 14 million minutes per week of co-watching.  He also said that the company has 500K weekly active users.  And this is from organic growth.


Stream and scream
Gotta love their latest ad campaign.  They are debuting a watch-party series called “Stream and Scream” which will feature popular horror movies.  For Halloween, duh.  Check out the ad promo and visuals here.


Now, all we need is someone to wheel in a popcorn cart into our apartments along with a jug of cold soda.

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