How an Intern at Flipboard Became CEO of Figma That Has a Valuation of $2 Billion

October 6, 2020

When Dylan Field was an undergrad, he wasn’t sure if computer science was the right path for him.  So, in his junior year, he took a semester off and interned in the product design team at Flipboard.


That was a turning point.  He was hooked and loved the work.  It was at that point that he decided he wanted to work in product design full time.


Figma’s founding
He founded Figma in 2012 to build a tool for software product design as well as a global community around the tool.  The goal was to help designers collaborate to design their products online.  The software became generally available to users in 2016 but didn’t have a paid product until 2017.


Path to $2 billion
Figma’s path to a $2 billion dollar valuation has followed the rise in the importance of product design over the past few years.  Apps like Uber and TikTok owe their success at least as much to product design and user experience as much as functionality.


The growth in design and collaboration over the cloud is exactly the field in which Figma operates.  Figma recently announced that it was hiring Ken Norton from Google.  Ken had been a product veteran at Google for 14 years.


Dylan v. Goliath
Now, Figma is positioned to compete with industry giant Adobe, which as dominated the space for decades.


We are rooting for the underdog in this Dylan v. Goliath no holds barred street fight.

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