Remote Learning…for Surgery? Yes, and It’s a Video Game

September 28, 2020

A company called Osso VR is rewriting the rules for how surgery residents will be trained.  And it’s fresh off a financing of $14 million from some leading Silicon Valley investors.  The lead investor was the investing division of Kaiser Permanente, the giant healthcare firm.


Come on doc, one more game?
The secret sauce is a virtual reality training ‘game’ that is built on the Unreal Engine.  What’s that?  It’s an open source, 3D creation tool made by Epic Games, of Fortnite fame. It lets you start building games, simulations, virtual reality or anything else you can imagine with their technology, all for free.

The Doctor will see you now
Dr. Justin Barad is an orthopedic surgeon and a coder who founded Osso VR.  He combined his passion for game development with his medical training to create generic and company-specific educational content for surgery training.


A reddit user, Dr. Bobby Jones who says Dr. Barad was his surgery resident in medical school, commented that “he personally tried the slipped capital femoral epiphysis (pediatric hip fracture) module and it was incredibly similar to doing it in real life.”


Takeaway.  Seems like the right technology for the right time.  Everything is going remote, and this lets surgery residents learn from home too, safely and efficiently.

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