Invite Only — Microsoft and OpenAI Close the Gates

September 24, 2020

Microsoft has been busy (busier) than usual lately.  Ok, they missed out on TikTok, but they scored on the Bethesda deal.  That’s already got gamers running scared about the fate of their favorite games.  


And now they announced that they have an exclusive license to OpenAI’s GPT-3 NLP model.  We’re still reeling from the Bethesda news, so this one really took us for a loop.


What does this mean?
Microsoft has exclusive access to the GPT-3 language model.  In case you missed it, GPT-3 is a groundbreaking natural language processing model developed by OpenAI which can basically finish your sentence (or paragraph) before you do


OpenAI’s crossover
OpenAI started out with lofty notions of being a nonprofit to develop AGI (artificial general intelligence) for the “benefit of humanity.”  In 2019, they went for-profit and shortly thereafter, took in a $1 billion dollar investment from Microsoft. 


They get the source code
Apparently, the public facing API will still be available for users.  But only Microsoft will be able to get in the black box of GPT-3’s underlying code, allowing it to reap the technical advancements in the code and apply it to other Microsoft products and services.


AI is becoming a lot about tech power.  Oh well, we are still on the waitlist to get the API.

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