Is This Company the Future of Co-working Spaces?

September 22, 2020

Remember those places we used to go during working hours?  No?  That’s ok, we can help you remember…
Offices will likely be a lot different going forward, and one company is offering a preview of things to come.
Covid-19’s impact on the office space market
Covid-19 has been rough on the office space market.  Moody’s is predicting a drop of 21% in office rents for New York City this year.  And don’t even ask about coworking spaces like WeWork—they’ve taken even more of a beating.   
Second Home
Second Home, a London-based co-working company is leading a potential way forward.  It opened its first US location in Los Angeles in September of 2019.  It remains open even as nonessential office buildings in L.A. County remain closed.
Do you want a booth or a table?
Second Home spaces have an interesting design architecture.  They are designed with working spaces inside individual studios in a huge garden that used to be a parking lot.

According to Rohan Silva, the cofounder, each individual studio is ventilated separately and has windows that are open. 


It’s the rare case these days in which technological advancement is not a reason for the company’s success.  Rather, recycled wood, inexpensive materials and an imaginative layout have led the way.  And fresh air.  How old school.

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