The Director of Remote Work Will See You Now

September 18, 2020

Things are getting weird, if you haven’t noticed.


Yes, these are unprecedented times.  But sometimes, there are just some things that still make you do a double take.


Facebook is looking to hire a “Director, Remote Work.”  Ok, that doesn’t sound too crazy.  What’s the issue?


Well, we agree that it does make sense for companies to embrace remote work as a situation that is not going to go away anytime soon.  In fact, regardless of what happens based upon Covid-19, the remote team has been a phenomenon that has pervaded Silicon Valley firms for a while now.


Facebook has a remote work policy in place to July 2021.  Mark Zuckerberg has said that probably 50% of the company’s workforce will work remotely within 10 years.  It appears that Facebook is joining the camp of companies that are planning a more permanent shift to working from home.  


A hawk-eyed VC was the first to notice the job posting on Facebook’s corporate website.


We spotted something even more interesting.


Guess which offices are listed in the job posting for the position?  Give up?  Menlo Park and San Francisco…:).  (please laugh politely if you don’t like the joke).

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