Cleaning up in the Frozen Food Aisle--Strong Roots Sets Down Roots in the U.S.

September 18, 2020

Sam moves to Brooklyn
Strong Roots is an Irish frozen food company that sells tasty and healthy frozen vegan products.  They want a piece of the action in the U.S. market, so the CEO, Sam Dennigan, did what a lot of savvy millennials do -- he set down roots in Brooklyn.


Deal with Walmart a year later
Now, just one year later, he has cut a deal with Walmart to sell the company’s products in 2,000 Walmart stores.  So, now you can buy the cauliflower hash browns for about 5 bucks a bag at your local Walmart.


Millennials like the frozen aisle and plant-based food
Frozen food has been making a comeback for some time now thanks primarily to millennials.  See, millennials can save an industry too, they are not disrupting all the time.  But, the choices in the frozen food aisle have to adjust—Eggos and Swanson’s Salisbury steaks alone won’t cut it.  That’s why Strong Roots is in the right place with the right product, riding the trend of millennials taste for healthy and tasty vegan fare.


Recent $18 million financing
Strong Roots is fresh off of an $18.3 million Series A funding that they completed with New York-based private equity firm Goode Partners.  According to Goode, Strong Roots did about $50 million in retail sales in 2019 and is targeting $300 million in sales by 2023.  The company was already selling in 3,000 US stores including Target, Wegmans and Whole Foods Market before the Walmart deal. 


5,000 stores in a year.  That’s enough to make anyone smile.

“I started this company because I believe in farm to fork” -- Sam Dennigan, CEO of Strong Roots

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