What’d You Say to Me Bill? My Trucks Are the Future of Logistics…

September 15, 2020

Bill Gates recently cast shade on electric trucks.  On his blog, GatesNotes, he lays out his argument against electric trucks. 


When Bill talks (or writes), you have gotta listen up.  But this time, we are just not sure if we’re buying it.


What’s Bill talking about?
He seems to be saying that electric trucks won’t work because the batteries are “too big and heavy.”  As you add weight to the payload, you need more batteries to move it.  But, of course, the more batteries you add, the heavier it gets and the more batteries you need.  Sounds right, but…


The Smack Back
Elon heard about this, and smacked back with a tweet “He has no clue.”


Cryptic and classic Elon.  Not much more detail provided.  And there you have it, another public tussle between billionaires. 


Stay tuned.  Bill and Elon may both be wrong.  We are going to put out another story covering the alternative fuel options available for long haul vehicles in the next day.  Watch for it.


P.S.  Don’t miss Bill’s bold attempt at humor in the post:  “I’m inspired by the progress we’ve made so far, but we have a long road ahead of us (no pun intended).”  Ok, not bad Bill.

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