The Streaming Wars: Disney Plus Dances Around Quibi to Record Number of Subscribers

September 14, 2020

Welcome to the streaming wars where companies compete for your couch surfing dollahs. 

What a competitive space it’s become, especially now that we mostly have little choice for entertainment but to glue our backsides to the couch.

How competitive?
Well, the undisputed gorilla in the ring is Netflix with 183 million subscribers.  Ah, Reed Hastings has taken the Hollywood studios down with his binge watching, algorithmic programming ways.  But Disney Plus, the new kid on the block (wt_?) is catching up quick.  They’ve been around less than a year and already have 60.5 million subscribers


And their recent decision to release its new flick ‘Mulan’ for no additional charge to subscribers after 3 months was bold.  Basically, they are foregoing theatrical distribution and only keeping the early access video on demand window open for $29.99 for 3 months.  That’s a pretty short window for a shot at recouping let alone profiting after the reported $200 million budget for the film.

Quibi pivots…in the wrong direction
On the other end of the battlefield is new entrant Quibi.  They are limping along but still fighting the good fight.  Probably praying for a Rocky 2 comeback, but they’re looking like they’re at the end of the first Rocky movie. 

In case you forgot, Rocky takes a beating from Apollo Creed in that one.  We would say spoiler alert, but, uh that movie is like from the 1970s.

Poor Quibi
Quibi is the wallflower at the dance.  It debuted as a mobile only platform for short length content.  The big idea was that people could catch the content in off moments.  Unfortunately, that model assumed we would all not be home most of the time.

They have started a feature that allows for streaming their content on your TV.  And they tried out a drive-in movie format for their original series The Stranger.  Good for short term buzz, but kind of goes against their core business model.  The cool kids are pointing their fingers and laughing.

Is there another Plus in the works?
CBS All Access has got an ace in the sleeve, Star Trek.  The nerds are rejoicing, and in case you’ve been in a hole for a decade, the nerds won.  They are a sought after audience :).

Star Trek: Lower Decks just came out to positive reviews.  CBS All Access is reportedly considering changing its name to Paramount Plus.  Hey, if you wanna compete, you have to have the attitude and  the goods.  Very baller, CBS.

Dr. Anthony Fauci has told us to hunker down for the fall and winter.  What better way to do it than cozying up on the couch with your favorite streaming channel.

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