Attack of the Drones

September 2, 2020

Amazon scored FAA approval for its drone delivery fleet on Monday. 
Wait, what?
Yes, the federal government just granted Amazon “common carrier” status.  What does that mean?  Amazon received something called a Part 135 Carrier Certificate which the company can now use to test deliveries by drone.
Jeff plays the long game, duh
Amazon first announced its intention to do drone deliveries way back in December 2013, calling the initiative Amazon Prime Air.  Have to admit, that’s catchy.
Amazon completed its first test delivery by drone in December 2016 in 13 minutes from click to delivery.  There is a cool video of this delivery on their website. 
So, Amazon now owns the skies too?
Seems that way, but at least they are not the only ones that have this certification—the FAA also granted these certificates to Wing, Google’s drone subsidiary as well as UPS Fast Forward, the parcel giant’s drone subsidiary.
We are living in a simulation
We love the movie, the Matrix.  Some people, like Elon Musk and Neil deGrasse Tyson think that we may actually be living in a simulation.
Where are we going with this?  Well, check out this parody video by Michael Stusser.  It was a total joke but now it seems to be reality.
The takeaway
This is only a step towards getting a Big Mac delivered by air to your doorstep.  Last year, Amazon had unveiled the latest version of its drone for Prime Air deliveries, and at that time, had said that it was going to start making deliveries “in a matter of months.” 

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