Wrestlemania Reboot

August 26, 2020

Epic Games is trying to pull off a Hulk Hogan on “Andre the Giant” Apple.  We just want to be Jesse Ventura, calling the epic match.   
Knife fight in the alley
Epic Games makes the famous Fortnite game and flouted Apple’s App Store rules regarding in-app payment to avoid paying Apple its 30% vig, classic gangster-style.  Apple pimp slapped back by removing Fortnite from the App Store entirely. 
Court showdown
A few lawsuits and a clever parody ad (evoking Apple’s 1980s ad campaign itself) later, fast forward to the present.  The federal court hearing the case handed a partial victory to Epic by ordering Apple not to block the Unreal Engine from the App Store ecosystem.  Unreal Engine is a suite of software tools for gaming developers that is so useful it’s also used by movies and TV shows for special effects. 

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