AI, Remote Work, Distributed Platforms and Inclusionary HR: All in One Story About This Company? Wow.

August 26, 2020

Turing is raising the bar in the war for developer talent, and the stakes are sky high.
Demand for developers is booming, and there just aren’t enough to go around. 

Show me the money
Enter Turing, a Silicon Valley darling that just raised $14mm from some big-name venture capital investors.  The company motto is “build faster than ever with vetted developers.”  Collective cheers from tech recruiters can be heard around the Valley.
What'd they do again?
The company identifies the best of the best developers throughout the world and sets them up with top tech companies.  It’s like the IRL, company version of Ari Gold from Entourage but with heart. CEO of the company Jonathan Siddharth said in a recent interview that “we love that we can take Silicon Valley outside of the area and to have all of them participate in it while still helping local communities grow.”  Now that’s what we call inclusion.

Hockey stick growth
And get this, Turing has gone from $17,000 to $10 million in annualized revenue its first year out, CEO Johnathan Siddharth said in an interview. We’ve all seen startups with rosy projection slides that say this, but these guys have actually delivered.  The company now has some 150,000 developers in its rolls spanning 140 countries.

It's a big deal
Ashu Garg, a partner at Foundation Capital is a lead investor.  He said, “when the Indian outsourcing and IT revolution was in its infancy, I predicted that the market would grow 100X over the next decade. People thought I was crazy at the time and, in retrospect, my prediction seems like a gross underestimation. I feel the same way about Turing. We are creating a new category around remote and distributed work. The future of work is remote, and we’re just getting started.”
BTW kudos on scoring such a sweet URL; how much that cost ‘ya :)?

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