Superapp Ambitions

Meta, the parent company of WhatsApp, announced a partnership with JioMart, an online grocery store owned by Indian conglomerate Reliance Industries.  The partnership will let WhatsApp users in India shop for groceries directly through WhatsApp.
Mark Zuckerberg called it the first-ever end-to-end shopping experience on WhatsApp where people can now buy groceries from JioMart right in a chat.
Here’s how it works.  WhatsApp users can message the word “hi” to JioMart’s number and JioMart’s chatbot responds with a catalog of groceries users can order. From there, you just enter your address, pay for the groceries through the app and get your stuff.
“Business messaging is an area with real momentum, and chat-based experiences like this will be the go-to way people and businesses communicate in the years to come,” Zuck said.
World domination.  You may remember that back in 2019, Zuckerberg laid out his ambitions to turn Meta’s platforms into an all-in-one tool that could centralize “calls, video chats, groups, stories, businesses, payments, commerce, and…many other kinds of private services.” 
He’s getting one step closer to fulfilling this vision.

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