It’s Not All in the Name

The good news is that the U.S. Senate on Wednesday approved the Chips and Science Act, a bill for $250B of spending on technology and innovation in America, including support for basic research and domestic manufacturing of semiconductor chips. 

The bad news is well, folks, please, the name…it’s meme fodder and brings to mind in alternating frequency fish and chips, potato chips and old 70s TV shows.

It was originally called, far more appropriately, the “Endless Frontier Act,” in a nod to Vannevar Bush who wrote a 1945 landmark report laying the groundwork for the National Science Foundation.  But by the time it got through the meat grinder, that name was history.

It’s expected to pass in the House next week, which is a great development in the name of science and innovation.  Undoubtedly the passage will happen with some adjustments, which hopefully include the name of the act as well.

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